The POS or point of sale system can best be defined as a computer system that can be used to make orders, track transactions, and then ring-up your sales. Each POS has a custom design.

It has to be programmed to meet the individual needs of each merchant. Many businesses rely on these systems to ensure that their operations will not come to an abrupt halt.

Components Needed for a POS

The components required to run a POS will depend on the size of your business. Large establishments will generally require full packages.

A full package is one that comes with multiple components, e.g., work terminals. Smaller businesses may on the other hand only require the software.

Some of the components used in a POS include:

  • Keyboards
  • Cash drawers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Monitors (touch screen)
  • Small printers

The greatest benefit derived from using such a system is the fact that it can be custom built. It will, therefore, be able to meet all your business needs. Additional benefits are:

 Time Management and Reduction of Time Wastage

Having a POS on your business will assist in saving time. If running a hotel, for instance, servers will not need to make more than a single trip when placing an order for entrees, appetizers, and drinks.

The order can be placed all at once from a single location. All orders will then be sent to different printers where those responsible for the preparation will be able to view them.

Control of Errors

Human error is common in business. Having a POS system will reduce the number of errors that are recorded.

Handwritten orders will in many cases lead to misinterpretation, which is then blamed on poor penmanship. Any orders made through the POS will tend to be neatly printed, ensuring that any person can read what has been requested.

They Assist in Processing Credit Cards

Many POS systems come with the option of having a magnetic stripe reader added to the system. It is a useful feature for businesses that accept payments made via credit and debit cards.

From the records, you will be in a position to run reports, make adjustments, as well as keep a detailed set of records, which is essential when paying taxes.

Theft Control

Many businesses suffer from profit reduction problems such as theft. You are likely to make losses when your personnel fail to record items that have been sold or those that have been taken from the stores.

With a POS in place, you can track all the orders that have been made, as well as monitor your inventory.


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